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Announcement: Proposion N2N 2.0 Beta 1
~Sanjay Lopfoolitgon 01/21/2004 10:08 PM
Applications Development All Releases Windows 2003; Windows 2000; Windows XP; Windows NT

Proposion N2N is a connector that allows .NET applications to access Notes and Domino data and services. Release 2.0 adds major new features in five key areas:

- Enhancements to core ADO.NET Data Driver (ability to search for databases, extract design information about a database, locate user’s mail files, and more)

- Visual Studio.NET Integration (visual component editing, drag-and-drop toolbox support, a server explorer, and numerous wizards and code-generation functions)

- Query Analyzer tool

- Web Diagnostics tool

- New Samples (SharePoint Web Part, Visual Studio integration, N2N Explorer, application blocks)

These enhancements are described in detail at To get the Beta 1 code, follow the instructions on that page. Or, if you are attending Lotusphere this year, please stop by Pedestal 305.

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